Our Community Needs High Speed Broadband Service to Discover Our Future!

Broadband is revolutionizing business, government, education, work, and lifestyles. By opening markets, it creates new jobs and gives new focus and hope to communities in transition.

By making possible the export of services and skills, broadband puts workers into wage and skill competition with people around the globe.

Welcome to our Speed Test!

Without adequate broadband access and technologically literate populations, communities like ours will be unable to take advantage of the extraordinary benefits that high-speed, next-generation broadband can provide.

Access to dial-up service is not enough. Why settle?
As a community and region, residents and businesses deserve the technology that high-speed broadband provides. For work, business, education, and personal enjoyment, broadband access is a quality of life issue that should not be limited to only a chosen few.

Your voice is important . . .please use the resources on this web site to let your “need for high speed” broadband coverage be heard!

Broadband Definition

Broadband Providers

Got Advice for Legislators?
The Jefferson County Broadband Taskforce is collecting comments from citizens based on the following question: “What would you like your legislators to know about the importance of broadband access for you and your community?”

Please send comments to broadband@jeffco.edu if you are interested in responding.


Broadband Initiative interview
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